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Brenden Lowe

Whenever I tell someone that I am a professional jazz pianist, I always get asked the question, “Is your family musical?” I always chuckle to myself in my head. How do you begin to explain to someone that your father is the Concertmaster of the Boston Symphony Orchestra? (Well that one is easy but it goes much deeper.) After telling someone that, in my most humble fashion, I can usually stop there because that answer more than satisfies their question. How could I possibly go on and say that my late grandfather, Elman Lowe, was a renown violin teacher from Canada? Do I tell them my grandmother, Donna Lowe, professionally plays and teaches viola, piano, and voice at a college level? Some might start to consider our family a little abnormal at this point, but wait, I’m not done!  My uncle, Darren Lowe,  is the concertmaster of the Quebec Symphony Orchestra, my other uncle, Cameron Lowe, is the principle cello in the Regina Symphony Orchestra and my aunt is also a cellist in the Regina Symphony Orchestra. Please don’t mistake this as boasting, all though I do take extraordinary pride in my family tree. Obviously growing up around this much musical talent I was bound to learn very valuable musical lessons that have stayed true with me through out my entire  journey.  Please read on for the more traditional biography.

I began playing piano at the age of 3. Musically influenced by his father, Malcolm Lowe, the Concertmaster of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Brenden started classical training at New England Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts. After studying with Angel Rivera, a nationally honored teacher, Brenden heard a recording of Itzak Pearlman playing with a great jazz pianist by the name of Oscar Peterson. From that point on Brenden’s focus switched from classical to jazz piano. He attended the New School University in Manhattan,New York in which he received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Jazz Piano Performance. While at The New School, Brenden was able to study piano with such names as Eric Reed, (former pianist for Wynton Marsalis), Geri Allen, Benny Green, Aaron Goldberg, and many others. Brenden now resides in Sacramento, where he both performs and teaches, and continues to progress his Jazz Piano Education business.
Brenden Lowe’s Musical Resume