The Complete Pianist Method is a system I have created and currently use with all my students in order to progressively grow ANYONE, into a fully performing, gigging, self-entertaining; Complete Pianist. I developed my system because I was unhappy with the way I experienced my own piano lessons. I would enter the lesson and my teacher would start off with “What would you like to work on today?” You are the teacher, shouldn’t you be telling me this? After going through similar experiences with numerous teachers I made a commitment to develop a system/methodology that would allow simple, easily understandable exercises and topics in order to develop a pianist to their full potential. The Complete Pianist is the outcome of 25 years worth of¬†experience, a BFA from The New School University in New York City that included rigorous and complex pedagogy classes, over 10 years of hands on teaching experience, master classes for schools and universities across america, and arguably my greatest resource of all, my father, Concertmaster of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

The System

Physically learning the proper way to sit and play the piano is extremely important due to the foundation it lays. If this is already fimiliar, then simple exercises are always given to progress dexterity and control. The fun part is the exercises are always applicable to the material you are learning!

Harmony & Theory
Someone can be an amazing pianist yet limited because they have no understanding of what they are playing and why! Studying small segments of harmonic and theoretical jazz and classical knowledge are the building blocks to a Complete Pianist!

Vocab & Repertoire
Working on repertoire whether it be classical or jazz is always the best part! This is where all your technical, and harmony & theory practice gets to shine! In this section pieces are learned, recordings are studied and jazz licks are analyzed. This is where the magic comes together to create beautiful and moving music!

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Q: Where are the lessons taught?
I drive to the majority of my students houses. Most people enjoy the convenience of taking lessons in their own home. I drive to all parts of the surrounding Sacramento area, including, but limited to, Rancho Cordova, Granite Bay, Roseville, Citrus Heights, and Sacramento. For people who would rather meet somewhere, I also teach lessons at the church I play for. I am privileged to be able to use their beautiful baby grand Baldwin piano in the quiet and private space of the sanctuary.

Q: How often should I take lessons?
This is completely up to you! I personally recommend weekly lessons. My weekly students always show the most amount of progress. Unfortunately, life does get in the way at times, so I also have many students who take lessons every other week and once per month as well.

Q: How long are the lessons?
Most the students I teach opt to take hour lessons but I do have half hour lessons available. People find that the half hour lessons go by too quickly to comprehend and absorb the new information, but again, due to scheduling reasons and budget, many of my students find it much more enjoyable to have shorter lessons once a week or once every other week.

Q: How much do the lessons cost?
Hour lessons are $150. Half hour lessons are $75. I always encourage people to do fewer lessons than none at all. One lesson a month or every two months will get you closer towards learning the piano then none!

Q: Do I need to pay for all my lessons at the beginning of the month?
Nope! Payments are made on a per lesson basis. Simply bring the funds, (cash or check), to your lesson and you are all set!

Q: What if I need to cancel my lesson?
No problem. All I ask is you give me 24 hours notice to fill your time slot. Unfortunately if I do not receive notice within 24 hours I charge a $10 dollar late fee to your next lesson. Sorry! This is my living.