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The 3 Easy Paths You Need To Start A Business


All right, everyone. My name is Brenden Lowe and this is the financially free musician podcast. So obviously you can see, I got my new wall of inspiration going here. I’m going to add another picture behind me. Uh, but in this particular podcast, I want to talk about the three paths that musicians can take to start making income that can start creating opportunities for you, um, in the online world of business. And a lot of times, you know, you see people and you, they have an online business or they have some sort of business and you’re like, I could never do that. Right. I could never do what he did now. Believe it or not. When I started jazz penal school, the only thing in my mind that I wanted to do was like, I want to put my education online. That’s the only thing I wanted to do.
I just wanted to teach jazz piano online to people, to students, right. And try and connect with as many people as possible. I had that same exact mission. Now. I just want to teach musicians how to start online businesses and I want to help them. I want to help you with your ideas. I want to teach you what to do, what not to do the strategies that are going to help you optimize your business. The strategies that have worked for me in developing jazz piano school over the last seven years and teach you all about that. Right. And give you some sort of guidance, a path, a structure. Because when I was learning all that stuff, it was just a smorgasbord of information. Right. I was listening to every single possible podcast that I could get my hands on. Like Amy Porterfield, um, Michael Hyatt, uh,
S um, uh, Stu um, man, what’s his name?

I can’t even remember his last name now, the owner and founder of tribe. Russell  Bronson, just so many different marketers. Right? And so, like, I was listening to as many different people as possible. James Wedmore, all these, I was reading books. Right. And I, I would buy courses and things like that, but I, it never, I never really felt like I got like a solid foundation. Right. I always felt like I was kind of getting bits and pieces from people here and there. So my main goal with my business, with what I want to teach you with, what I’m going to help you with is to be as structured and deliberate and specific as possible about the necessary steps that you have to take to start an online business, to start a business for yourself as a musician or whoever you are. 

Maybe you’re just a creative person who’s found this. Maybe you’re a dancer and artist it’s going to apply to all creatives. Obviously I’m a musician. Um, I’m going to work with musicians and music, music, educators, right. People that are teaching in schools and institutions that kind of want to get out, right. They’re sick of doing that. You might think you have more off of the world. 

And for all you watching and listening out there, I really want to help you to nail down that path. Like, how do we do this? How do I actually make my dreams come true? How do I actually start to move forward with what I want and develop a business. That’s going to give freedom more income, more time and allow me most importantly, allow me to do exactly what I want to do and what I love, right. To kind of live out my passion.

And for me, obviously you can tell my passion is music and business. Those are my two greatest passions in life, music and business. I love both. I love both of them to death. And that’s why I’m going to have two businesses, music, and business. Right. And when you break it down like that, it’s really quite simple. And a lot of times we kind of, you know, we X ourselves out of the equation immediately by saying, oh, I can never do that. There’s too many people out there it’s already been done. It doesn’t matter. 

Listen, I want us to tell you a great analogy real quick. Is that just because you buy one book, let’s say on golf, does that mean you’re never going to buy another book on golf again from a different author? Like yeah, sure. There’s been thousands of books written on golf, right.

By thousands of different authors. Does that mean no more golf books are going to come out in the future? No, of course not. And it means it doesn’t mean no. Like other people are going to buy any of those books too. Right? People will always buy new books on golf, on all sorts of shoves subjects. No matter how many books they have, you know, why? Because they love it. And I love it. I’ll always buy new courses, new education on business, because I love business. It doesn’t matter how much has come out before or how many times it’s been done. It doesn’t matter. You know? So don’t write yourself out of the equation. Don’t write yourself out of your dream or kill your dream immediately by just thinking, oh, I could do that. Everyone watching this can do all right. Enough of my motivational spiel.

What I want to get to today is I want to talk about the three paths, the three paths that I want to teach and help you with that can lead to your business starting and allowing you to achieve your dream or quit your job or get out of the studio, get out of the college that you’re teaching. Yeah. Right. Run your own business, give you more time. Freedom. Right. And just allow you to live your passion in a more fruitful way. Right. Maybe you’re built for more and you can do that. So here are the three things pass. 

Number one, the easiest way for a musician to develop their own business is through what I call a studio transformation or AKA a group teaching group, teaching studio transformation, which I also refer to as, as the group teaching model or the group coaching model. All right.

Now, what is this? A lot of people, a lot of teachers, you know, music teachers or dance teachers, it doesn’t matter. Right? Um, tap dancers, artists, teachers, any sort of creative teacher of some sort. They have students. We all have students, but we teach them privately one after another, after an hour. Right. So what happens in your studio transformation is what you do is you can create a group. Okay. So picture this, let’s say you have 10 students. Who’s paying you 10 bucks an hour. Okay. I know that’s really little, right. But just for the sake of it, well,
Let’s go, let’s say a hundred bucks an hour. Okay. 

Now I went to the other side of the spectrum, right? Let’s see you have 10 students paying you a hundred bucks. It’s an hour. So you, you’re going to be making a thousand dollars for that day. Right. And you’re going to be working 10 hours now, really simply, okay. If you put 10 of those students together in a group for one hour, but they all pay you the same because they’re all learning from you. But you’re teaching them all at once, right? 

Guess what? You’re working one hour now. And you’re making the same amount of money that you made for 10 hours, but for one hour, that’s it right? You’re probably like, oh, well there’s gotta be some secret. No, that’s it. Okay. That’s going to be the first model is the group coaching or teaching model. This is what I call the studio transformation.

So what I’ve helped my clients do and well, a lot of the students who’ve worked with me in business is help them transform their studios. Right? And so what they’ll do is I’ll help them take their studios. I’ll tell them everything they need to do. I’ll teach them about, you know, sales, marketing, email conversations, having conversations with the parents, with the students, right. How to do this, how much to charge what you should do, you know, the templates, what you should offer in your program, how long it should be, all these questions. But when it comes down to it, the bare bone, minimum of the strategy, the structure is going to be a studio transformation, okay. 

Or a group teaching experience. Now this happens can happen over a month, three months, six months. Right. And you could imagine, obviously as the time duration starts to inch out, you know, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 months, the price also goes up, right?
So if you’re teaching a three-month program, maybe it’s $2,000 per person, okay. You have 10 people in there. That’s $20,000 for two. Right? That’s pretty, pretty good. If you teach a three-month course, a six month course, right. Then the price is still going to go up.

Maybe you have teach a six month course for 6,000 bucks. Okay. You have 10 people in there. That’s 6,000 bucks, $60,000. Excuse me. For six months, maybe you teach each two, six month courses in a year. It’s already $120,000 and that’s less time. That’s more freedom. And actually result-based for the student. What students have found is that they actually enjoy the group teaching process more. They actually enjoy it more. Why? Because it has a start and an end, as opposed to private lessons where you kind of just meandering, you’re going along. And it seems like they never, ever end.

Right. Have you ever helped, like lessons just go on forever. My computer just went off the lessons, just go on forever and ever, and ever right. There never seems to be like a start and a finish. And that’s really rewarding people. Right? To know that there’s an end point, there’s a start and an end point. And then if they want to sign up again, they can. Right. So that’s going to be one of the pros for the students. They also, the students also love the group interaction. The group interaction is a really, really cool thing because one, they can learn from their peers a lot, a lot that they never get that thing you never get learning from. Okay. From other, from being with their peers, because one-on-one lessons, you only work with the teacher. Right. But when you see other people, when you see the teacher helping other people, when you see what they’re doing wrong, what they’re doing, right.
That’s so much education that the student is missing out on. Right. And that’s what the group atmosphere provides. 

Not, not to mention all the positivity, right? The sharing, the connection, the trust, you know, the building, the group building. It’s just amazing what group experiences do for students. And it elevates them way more in a lot of different places that you would never think like, yeah. Obviously technically, you know, and, and proficiency, obviously all that good stuff, but like fulfillment of their soul and being with peers in a group and watching others and having support, get put back into them, it’s a much, much more rewarding experience in that group atmosphere. Not to mention a whole lot of things. I’m not going to go into today. Anyway, that’s going to be number one. Number two, we have two more options left that I help you with.

That’s going to be the course building courses. Now at jazz piano school. This is how I started. I started by building courses right. By building courses. So I was, I was, you know, that was my first whole program, my whole strategy. At first, I’m going to build it a curriculum, beginner, intermediate advanced to hand voicings. Okay. Right. And prof, copying groups, courses, just courses. Now the educational world right now, it’s a billion dollar industry. Okay. Especially after COVID, everything’s moving online. Right. If there was ever a time to start putting your information and education online, now’s the time to do it. And the boats, it hasn’t left Jack. Right. COVID just took everyone and put them on zoom. And now people are like, dang, like everyone’s jumping on. So why not jump on, okay. Put your courses online. Right? 

Put your education online. Everyone has something to offer.
Right? Never discount yourself. Right? Never, you know, put yourself out of the equation. Everyone has a gift. Everyone has a special something to offer. Even you, you know, you may not think it, but you absolutely do. Okay. And again, courses, everyone wants a different author. It doesn’t matter if I’ve sold jazz piano courses or this other person has, my personality is way different than so-and-so. Your personality is way different than so-and-so. So it doesn’t matter. Even if you’re teaching the same thing, you’re not going to teach it the same way that other person does. Right. 

You’re going to teach it differently. We’re different authors. And that’s the great thing about education and reading is that I don’t want to just read one author. I want to read lots of different authors, right? Different perspective, different personalities, different flavors, different spikes. Number three is going to be membership membership.

Now at jazz piano school, I sold courses and we have a membership available. I’ve done this for the past seven years successfully. And again, with membership based structure or model. Okay. For your business, the amazing perks and pros about this are going to be recurring revenue. That’s one of the biggest, biggest things. Everything today is moving to subscriptions. Okay. Have you noticed that? Right? I don’t know if you remember, but on apple, here’s a great analogy. We used to be able to buy songs right on apple. You could buy individual songs. You could buy albums, you buy three songs individually, right? Oh, I like this song. It’s two bucks or 99 cents. 

Right? Or I like this album. I could buy albums. Guess what? You can’t do it anymore. Right? Everything’s a subscription these days. So for apple and Spotify, Netflix, you subscribe, but you get access to everything, right?
You subscribe and get access to everything. Now with memberships, the same thing. Now, the reason everything’s switching to memberships is because of the recurring revenue model is such a strong model these days, right? Because you’re making monthly payments that the customer is making monthly payments. And the owner is getting that recurring revenue month by month by month. And guess what? It’s a more stable way of knowing exactly what’s coming in next month and what your revenue is going to be over the projected three months, six months a year, right? 

Because you’re not going to fluctuate in sales that much, like you may lose a couple of people, but you may gain a couple of people, right? So, you know, your ups and downs aren’t that much. Whereas if you’re selling, uh, course you may have a huge launch. And then after the launch, you have no sales for like six months.

And then you launch again, lots of sales and then no sales, right? It’s really hard to make that model work over and over and over again. So a lot of people love the membership, the recurring revenue model. Now not to mention you get to help the, your, your, your customers. You get to help the people within the membership, your tribe, right. Help them with all of the amazing things that they want to learn from. You can do live lessons. You can do community building things. It’s really, really fun to see what type of flavor and spice you can put into your membership, which helped the, you know, the subscribers learn more, stay engaged and stay with you, like stay a part of the membership. 

So again, I just talked about three different ways that you can structure your business as a musician, as a creative, as a dancer, as a writer, as a painter, as an artist, as a musician, it doesn’t matter.

Obviously I’m a musician at heart, but all these strategies can work for any type of creative, right? Number one was going in the fastest way to start making your own business and making income for yourself is to be, to do what I call a studio transformation, right? A group teaching model. So take your 10 private students, put them into a group. Okay. And then again, your hourly rate instead of working 10 hours, you’re working one hour, but for 10 times the money. Okay. Very, very simple, very easy to do. Number two is going to be the course, develop a course and sell it online. Right? Everyone needs more education. Like I said, the education, the online education space in market industry right now is billions of dollars. And it’s just going up. It’s still going up even more so after COVID number three, develop a membership website, right?

Maybe you have 10 modules on whatever your instrument is. Trumpet bass dancing, painting, right on a certain type of style. It doesn’t matter. Right? And people subscribe. You can release new content on a month to month basis. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or anxiety driven. Right? Very easy. You know, people will sign up for your membership. You release a new course, a new, small piece of content. Every single month people stay and you start bringing in more people, developing that recurring revenue. And guess what? You start building the amount of people that are subscribed to your membership. Now, if you have a $50 membership, right, you got 10 people. Okay. Already right there. Right. That’s 500 bucks a month. Okay. That’s life-changing, don’t tell me that’s not life changing. Even an extra 500 bucks a month. That’s what 10 people. Now let’s double that, right?

20 people, that’s a thousand bucks a month, 40 people, 2000 bucks a month. Right. And obviously you can see with the amount of people that goes up, you know, you’re already starting to get that stability in your life, in your F your business, okay. Through financial for the, through the revenue that’s coming in on a month to month basis, you can start to quit your nine to five or quit, whatever you’re trying to escape or get out of. You know, maybe it’s a teaching job. Maybe it’s a studio. Maybe you’re doing private lessons all the time. You can start to build the lifestyle of your dreams. All right. Go to Brendan If you’ve checked out the financial freedom podcast, I’m doing a lot of new things. I’m testing a lot of things out. This is a brand new business for me. And again, my main goal, my main mission is to help any creative artists, musician, especially music educator.
But again, it can be any creative with their business. 

Okay. And I’m going to be starting a new coaching program. That’s going to be coming in the upcoming months, probably in the fall in September. And I’m going to take in about five to 10 people, five to 10 people that are looking to work with me specifically, they’re looking to get all access to all my materials, all my coaching, all my education and speak with me. And then we will work together on your business. I’ll help you develop a business.

 I’ll tell you exactly what to do to help you make the business of your dreams around what you’re looking for. Give you more time, give you more freedom, give you more income and obviously help you live out your passion. All right. Again, my name is Brendan lo thanks so much for tuning in, check out all the other information educational have coming up real soon. Check out and If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at any time. Go to the contact page on my website and, uh, hope you have a fantastic day. I’ll talk to you later.

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