Here's Why I Completely Rebranded My Business

My one site just wasn't working...

I have way too many passions. And if this is you too then you’re going to want to use this strategy and not do what I did.

I first started using my personal name as my business and that was a completely disaster. 

In this podcast I’ll tell you why and what I did to change it.

Setting up a solid foundation for your business to operate on is a key component in becoming successful for long periods of time.

Sure, you can do quick and fast workshops here and there, but without a solid home base, you’re business will never gain traction and you’ll never accomplish your dreams. 

Listen to the podcast to learn more.


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Brenden Lowe

Brenden Lowe

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My mission is to help performing artists build stable income with the use of online business strategies so that they can focus on creating and spreading their art.

After quitting my 9-5 and creating my own online jazz education business, I’ve now turned to educate my fellow performing artists in the strategies and systems that so successfully for me.

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