Week 2 – Traditional Blues Scale

So after my first post on the natural 6 blues scale I posted for the Tip Of The Week, I received a lot of questions regarding the traditional blues scale I mentioned. Even though I’m sure lots of people know the traditional blues scale I’m going to highlight in this post for everyone in the future. It will be good reference as well for future scales I will base off of it.

The traditional blues scale is going to consist of 1, b3, 4, #4, 5, b7, and 1. This is the blues scale that most everyone knows, and if you don’t know it, now you do. This scale is great for the blues obviously, but it can also be great to throw into jazz standards that have a more major feel to them. You can use the notes in this scale in any combination possible. Adding rhythmic concepts makes the blues scale the most entertaining, otherwise it can become a little boring after a while. We will get into more blues soloing techniques down the road but using the traditional blues scale with the natural 6 blues scale I posted last week combines for a great sound.
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