Hi, I'm Brenden

I teach musicians and music educators the steps needed to build a profitable and sustainable business so they can focus on what matters most. Creating and sharing their art with the world.


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I’m a jazz pianist. I’m a musician. That is my true identity. But I accomplished something incredible and along the way learned a very specific skill set that all of my fellow performing artists absolutely need. 

I built a thriving online, jazz piano education business from the ground up. 

Before building Jazz Piano School, I was working 50 hours a week as a Personal Training Manager. After being called in on a day I had specifically requested time off for. Not any particular day. My BIRTHDAY. I quit and was immediately broke. 

Music can’t pay the bills right?

The arts can’t pay the bills…or can they?

Technically no.

But the incredible business and marketing strategies I’ve used to build my Jazz Piano School can. 

If you’re sick of working your job or you’re tired of not being able to afford that fancy coffee you want then read on. 

You can absolutely pursue your artist passion and make money from it too!



I was sweating, slightly out of it, staring at the “Steinway” logo on the piano. I had just finished playing my heart out for a 3 hour solo piano jazz concert for 200 plus people. 

My soul felt enriched, and on fire. I had sunken deeply into the music during my performance and it felt fantastic to be able to connect at that level.

As I walked off stage with a feeling of satisfaction, joy, and contentment, while feeling grateful that I get to do this for a living I ran into the booker. 

“Great job!” he said. 

“You really blew them away tonight! That’s some of the best jazz I’ve ever heard. Here’s your cut.”

I looked down to see a whopping $75 bucks. 

My musical performance high instantly crashed. 

The doubt, fear, and internal agonization of not being able to my rent came flooding back to me. 

“$75 bucks! I just played some of the best music of my life for $75 bucks!” 

How was I going to pay rent? I had $678 dollars to my name and I needed $900. 

And I still didn’t even have money for food yet! 

I felt awful. I had dedicated myself to becoming a musician and this is how it had repaided me. By being broke. 

Can you relate to this story at all?

If you're a performing artist then I bet my buns you absolutely can relate to that story. (Which is all true by the way). But I want you to be absolutely positive you're in the right place so...

Have you ever felt...

1.  Worthless because you dedicated your life to the arts, yet you’re struggling every single month to make ends meat, keep the heat on, put food on your table, and keep a roof over your head?

2. Tired of being anxious all the time, simply because you know that being a performing artist provides absolutely no financial security?

3. Sick of pouring your heart and soul into your craft for years on end, only to get little to no recognition from the work you produce?

4. Like a puppet or a monkey on display, performing for others entertainment, all the while, barely being compensated for the amazing beauty and richness you’re adding to people’s lives?  

5. Like getting a 9-5 because your art, simply, cannot make enough income to sustain you, EVEN when you live the most frugle life imaginable?  

6. There has got to be a way to do what you love while making enough or even MORE than enough money to support yourself?

7. like it’s just NOT FAIR! Why are performing artists broke? Why do the arts not pay?! Why can’t my art be enough to make a sustainable living!?

If you've ever felt any of these things, then you're absolutely in the right place.

More importantly...

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have be like that and here's why.

I needed to pursue music and I needed to support myself. So I quit my 9-5 as a Personal Training Manager and set out do to the unthinkable for a musician. 

Make enough money to not only support myself, but thrive! 

And guess what? 

6 years later I’ve built a 6 figure, online, jazz piano education business called “Jazz Piano School.” 

And it’ now time for me to give back to my fellow performing artist. 

If you want to...

  • Do what you love while creating sustainable income
  • Perform, teach, and pursue your arts while feeling 
  • Be confident you can pay rent and put food on your table, and take core of any famil you might have
  • Build a business from scratch that will educate, empower, and inspire others
  • Work for yourself without having to report to annoying managers, bosses and soul sucking companies
  • Develop skills that will allow you to to make 5,6,and even 7 figures a year for the rest of your life
  • Feel enriched about your purpose in life while empowering and motivating others


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