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Hi, my name is Brenden. I'm a professional jazz pianist that started an online business called Jazz Piano School. I've been running it successfully for 8 years now.

At CFA, I teach other musicians, music educators, writers, dancers, and any type of creative the steps needed to build a profitable and sustainable business so they can focus on what matters most; creating and sharing their art and passion with the world.

Creatives deserve income too!

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I’m a jazz pianist. I’m a musician. That is my true identity. But I accomplished something incredible and along the way learned a very specific skill set that all of my fellow performing artists absolutely need. 

I built a thriving online, jazz piano education business from the ground up. 

Before building Jazz Piano School, I was working 50 hours a week as a Personal Training Manager. After being called in on a day I had specifically requested time off for. Not any particular day. My BIRTHDAY. I quit and was immediately broke. 

Music can’t pay the bills right?

The arts can’t pay the bills…or can they?

Technically no.

But the incredible business and marketing strategies I’ve used to build my Jazz Piano School can. 

If you’re sick of working your job or you’re tired of not being able to afford that fancy coffee you want then read on. 

You can absolutely pursue your artist passion and make money from it too!