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Creative Freedom Academy Podcast

This podcast is different than any other business podcast you've probably seen.

This podcast is a completely transparent documentation of my journey starting and creating this business you're looking at right...now.

Besides providing you with actionable tips, strategies, and systems that I've acquired from building my first business, my primary goal for this podcast is to provide you with a "reality show".

I never could relate to the so called "business gurus". Everything was so pristine with a bow on top. They were so successful that it was literally impossible to see myself achieving what they had.

By documenting everything I'm doing while starting up this new business venture you will be able to see absolutely every step I take along my new business journey.

Enjoy! 🙂

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We All Start In The Same Spot (Journal)

Believe it or not, when starting your own business, we all start in the same spot. I started right where you are, and in this episode I’ll tell you exactly what I did to learn, make progress, and what I focused on the most to experience success.


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4 Essential Items Every Website Needs

Your website is a crucial element for your business. It’s your homebase. It represents you and your image as a business. If it’s not up to par, it can greatly harm your success. In this episode I’ll explain the 4 essential elements you need on your website so you don’t waste your time with other website stuff that everyone says you need. If your website has these 4 things, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful business for yourself. Enjoy!

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Here's Why I Completely Rebranded My Business

Why I Completely Rebranded My Business and More

I’m back after another long break and I’ve completely rebranded the entire business. Why? In this podcast I’ll explain why and what issues I was having with the previous name I was using. Also some real truths from my heart on starting this second business.

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why you need an email list and how to use it

Why You Need an Email List & How To Use It

What does having an “email list” actually mean? You may have heard this thrown around all the time. “You need an email list.” “Start building your email list.” But why? What is that? What is it used for? HOW do you use it? In this episode I’ll start to dive into what the purpose of your email list is and how to use it to run your business. Trust me, you need it.

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how to gain momentum

How To Get Momentum To Build Your Business

You’re going to feel like doing nothing. You’re going to feel like watching Netflix. You’re going to feel like doing ANYTHING else but working on your business. So in these times, what can you do to gain the momentum and motivation you need to actually get something done? I’ll share the secret inside this podcast episode.

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start a business as a musician

Start a Business As a Musician With 3 Paths

Knowing where to start can freeze you in your tracks. I see it all the time with my clients and I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve boiled my business education down to 3 paths. That’s it. Just 3 paths that you can choose from in order to feel confident, start you business, and go full steam ahead to changing your life and accomplishing your dreams.

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